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Prague, September 7th - 12th 2008

Prague public transport


The Prague subway network consists of 3 lines designated by letters and differentiated in colour:

A green colour (Depo Hostivar station - Dejvicka station)

B yellow colour (Cerny most station - Zlicin station)

C red colour (Ladvi - Haje station), with possible changes at Muzeum station (lines A and C), Mustek station (lines A and B), Florenc station (lines B and C).

Metro operates daily from 5 a.m. to 12 p.m. The time interval between train departures is approximately 2 - 3 minutes during the workday rush hours and 4 - 10 minutes during off-peak hours.

Plan of underground


Shuttle bus links the airport and the end station of the A metro line named Dejvická. It runs every 30 minutes. From Dejvická take the Skalka-bound service to the Muzeum stop, there change to line C, running in the direction of Háje. Get off at the Vyšehrad metro stop (it is the second stop after Muzeum). The Congress Centre is located right next to the metro stop. A combined bus-metro service will take you to the Congress Centre from the airport in about 45 minutes.


Time intervals in peak-hours of work days are 2 to 4 minutes, off-peak hours 4 to 10 minutes. Trams operate daily between 4,30 am and 00,15 am, night tram services have numbers from 51 to 58 and run from 00.15 am until 4.30 am. A respective timetable is placed at each stop. Bus services run all day as well as at night on a similar basis to the tram services, the night connections are provided by night buses numbered from 501 to 512. Approximate rates of tickets for public transport are the following: transferable 26 CZK (1,0 EUR), one-day ticket 100 CZK (3,8 EUR), 3-days ticket 330 CZK (12,7 EUR), 5-days ticket 500 CZK (19,2 EUR).

Historic tram – the nostalgic No. 91 line: 

sightseeing rides on this historic tram through the downtown area; runs from April to November.


The daytime and night operation of buses is similar to tram operation. Night service is provided by bus numbers 501 to 514 and 601 to 604. Bus schedules are located at individual stops.

Prague City Transport Fares

Travelling by city transport is possible only with a valid ticket. Passengers have to obtain their tickets before boarding the vehicle or entering the Metro system. The ticket is valid only if marked in the validation appliance. Tickets can be bought at selected Metro stations or in Dopravni podnik Information Centers, hotels, at news stands, travel bureau, department stores, etc. Single tickets can also be bought from the ticket vendors located at Metro stations or near some stops of surface transport.

Taxi service

Visitors in Prague can use taxis which are available 24 hours a day. Usual price from the airport to the city centre is about 650 CZK (25 EUR)