ePassports EAC Conformity & Interoperability Tests
Prague, September 7th - 12th 2008

Cross Over Tests

Description of tests

The first day (Mon 8th Sept. 9-13h) the border control system providers will have time to perform PRE-TEST and debug particular configuration after an informal cross over test on a limited set of samples. A set of passports will be prepared for that purpose. These passports will be available for all border control providers and will be provided by an Official Tester.

After that (Mon 8th Sept. afternoon), the configuration is considered as frozen.

The certificates will be published on the website as soon as they were delivered and the final set of certificates will be available at registration for copying onto flash memory before starting.

Cross Over Tests are to be a closed session. Only Border Control providers and Official Testers will be allowed to be presented during testing

During the official tests four Official Testers will supply providers with samples of passports and will personally check the process of testing, collect log files, electronic forms (a standard format written to by the border control system) and manually write results on paper forms. Each Official Tester will have a set of samples (5) and ensure that all samples will be tested on all readers. The sets of samples will be available on the registration place and Official Testers will exchange them after all tests were performed.

There is a guarantee that all ePassports (with mandatory "Natasha" Data) registered for this part of testing will be tested on all the Border Control systems.

Optional passports will be tested after the first "Natasha" dataset passports have been processed on all the Border Control Systems.


The Border Control providers will have a certain amount of time to prepare their equipment with passport samples provided by an Official Tester. Then the passport will be read three times and results will be written into the electronic form (by Border Control provider) and into the paper form (by Official Tester).

It is planned for the tests to be finished on Thursday 10th Sept. at 13 hours. After that the results will be processed and they will be presented and discussed in the morning on Fri 11th Sept.

Time schedule – Cross Over Test

7th September 12h -> 18h Registration of the border control systems
Registration of the passports
8th September 9h -> 13h

13h -> 18h
PRE TEST session. The idea here is to make a test to check potential non compliance and to allow the providers to tune their products.
Certificates are released.
No acceptance made.
At the end of this stage, each product has to be frozen in a single configuration which will be accepted by the Official Testers.
Official Test
Official Testers act
9th September 9h -> 18h Official Test
Official Testers act
10th September 9h -> 18h Official Test
Official Testers act
11th September 9h -> 13h
13h -> 18h
Official Test
Official Testers act
Results processing
12th September 9th - > 12h Presentation of results and discussion, returning passports

Download full Description of test in PDF.