ePassports EAC Conformity & Interoperability Tests
Prague, September 7th - 12th 2008

EAC PKI tests

Description of test

Testing processes

There is no official EAC PKI test methodology. Tests are fully dependent on there being support available for the PKI implementation from a participating Member Sstate/testing partner and its cooperation with the PKI development teams.

EAC PKI tests require preparation both on the side of the test organiser and the Member State. The Member State will participate on Prague interoperability test by following procedures mentioned above:

EAC PKI testing organisation

This section describes the on-site testing processes at the venue for the PKI Test event.

Key milestones

Next table defines a rough schedule of all important milestones in the lead up to the Prague Event.

Process Term
Definition and publication on a website of the registration procedure and entry conditions for all levels of participation for parties interested in the tests 6/2008
Start of registration procedure - contact of Member states and offer them the participation in the tests 6/2008
Test definition 6/2008
Preparation of the test processes for registered Member States 6/2008
Member states registration 6-7/2008
Implementation of CVCA/PKI/IS system by registered Member States 6-7/2008
DV certificate request 7-8/2008
Certification of DV 7-8/2008
ePassport personalisation in Member state (optional) 6-8/2008
EAC PKI test during Prague september event - verification of PKI via personalised ePassport (reading by certified Inspection system) 9/2008

Download full Description of test in PDF.