ePassports EAC Conformity & Interoperability Tests
Prague, September 7th - 12th 2008

Mike Bond

Mike Bond is Security Director at Cryptomathic Ltd., a software security company specialising in security solutions for government and financial industries, based on cryptography and hardware tamper-resistance. Cryptomathic provides ePassport data preparation software, and inspection system software, amongst other products.

Mike has been involved in EAC ePassport standardisation since 2006, and has advised member countries of the Brussels Interoperability Group during the standardisation process.

From 2000-2006 Mike was a researcher at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, studying software API security of tamper-resistant devices, including smartcards and Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). Mike received his Phd degree in 2004, and has undertaken significant research projects such as the reverse-engineering of the Chrysalis Luna CA3, the most popular HSM used for root key storage in CAs, and the discovery and cataloguing of a raft of vulnerabilities in the APIs to banking HSMs. He is a regular public speaker, having given keynote addresses at Financial Cryptography 2007, Security and Protection of Information (Brno), and numerous other talks and addresses to industry, academia and education.