ePassports EAC Conformity & Interoperability Tests
Prague, September 7th - 12th 2008

Dominique GATINET

Dominique GATINET is currently the manager of the standardization at the French secure documents agency (ANTS). He is involved with several bodies from ISO which focus on smartcard and security features of the electronic Machine Readable Travel Identity Documents. He is also implicated in the European Committee working group for the design and the specification of the software layers for the European citizen card. As governmental officer, he is the correspondent of the agency for the technical committees for travel documents of the European Commission.

He participates in all the technical projects of the agency which dealt with secured documents for citizen, providing normative considerations, and in particular, the project of the new Id card. Because of the central role of the French agency, he ensures a great part of the communication with the industrialists concerned with the identity documents processes.

Prior joining the agency last September, he has participated to several projects as project manager in the technical direction of the French Home Ministry; He graduated as computer system engineer and has a large experience in software development and assistance to end user for systems implementation.