ePassports EAC Conformity & Interoperability Tests
Prague, September 7th - 12th 2008

Hlaváč Martin

Martin Hlaváč, M. Sc., (*1981), majored in Mathematical methods in information security from the Department of Algebra of the Charles University in Prague under the supervision of Dr. Rosa. He carries on the doctoral studies and research projects here under Dr. Rosa’s supervision, as well. In the Department of algebra, he gives occasional lectures in the area of cryptology and supervises several bachelor and master students. He was awarded 1st Prize in Keymaker 2006 competition for the best student cryptologic work in Czech and Slovak Republic. During his research internship in the French space agency CNES in Toulouse in 2006/07, he studied the newly emerging optical side channel on smart cards. He is an information security specialist with PPF banka a.s.