ePassports EAC Conformity & Interoperability Tests
Prague, September 7th - 12th 2008

Converging European Citizen Card and ePassports in BioP@ss MEDEA+ project

The family of standards for European Citizenship Card (ECC) is currently under finalization at the CEN The future ECC will be a multipurpose smart card issued under the authority of a government institution, and carries credentials in order to provide (one or more of) the following services:

1) verification the identity of holder;

2) act as an Inter-EU travel document;

3) facilitate logical access to e-government or local administration services.

The next generation of Electronic Passports with biometric fingerprint data, complying with the EU requirements for data protection, is near to mature technology, yet based on not formally standardized specifications.

The BioP@ass MEDEA+ European project targets the development of advanced (microelectronics and embedded SW) secure and interoperable smart card platforms for e-administrative applications requested at European level (e-identity, e-health, driving licenses,..). The prime applications targeted by the project are e-identity cards based on the European Citizenship Card (ECC) family of standards and the next generation of Electronic Passports. A specific goal for the project will be to make all efforts converging in those two areas.

The project will capitalize of the former Onom@Topic+, especially on all the proofs of concept achieved in the area of advanced contact-less interfaces, embedded biometric components, embedded IAS SW platforms together with open middleware architecture and will introduce new key technology elements.