ePassports EAC Conformity & Interoperability Tests
Prague, September 7th - 12th 2008

Gordana Demnieva-Stojanova

Mrs Gordana Demnieva-Stojanova is Head of Information technology department in Ministry of Interior of Republic of Macedonia. She is managing Data center and is responsible for development and support of Ministry’s information system. She has a strong background in the fields of information system analysis and design, system architecture and database design. She was project manager of New identity document project in Republic of Macedonia.

Gordana Demnieva received Bsc degree on Faculty of electrical engineering on University of Belgrade.

Being involved in lot of projects on various positions (programmer, analyst, system specialist, database designer, system architect and manager), she has wide experience in the domain of functionality of the Ministry of interior - specially in : citizen registration , vehicle registration, criminal records, border control, personal dossier and criminal intelligence.